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User Interface (UI)

Product/ Packaging/
Concept/ Usability/ Taste/
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Product Placement/
In-Home Usage
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User Experience (UX) User Interface (UI) Testing

Through a variety of research methods, UX/UI testing helps to garner user interactions & feedback, to help with the design of products, services, and even enhance the overall brand experience or other larger strategic initiatives.

At FRCSG, we recognize the customer-centered culture being the mainstream and we focus on designing streamlined, agile and insight-gathering solutions customized to our client’s business needs revolving around their products or services.

  • Diary studies
  • Ethnographic research
  • Surveys
  • Usability testing
  • Interviews
  • Implicit Card sorting

Product/ Packaging/Concept/ Usability / Taste/ Advertisement Testing

From small design elements to larger structural/ identifier changes, the role and importance of product packaging has always been pivotal.

Via qualitative evaluation and/or quantitative validation, FRCSG takes our clients deep-diving into the potential impact of a pack-change, from design to usage, to possible areas of optimizations, we assist our clients in making well informed packaging design decisions.

  • Usability testing
  • In-Home placement
  • In-context Interviews/ Discussions

Online Community / Mobile Diary

Members are invited to a virtual community discussion hosted on specialized online platforms, where they are given the opportunities to jot their own diaries, or freely and openly expressing/ discussing over the topic of interest, a category brand/product, or industry of relevancy.

At FRCSG, we work closely with various Online-Com platform providers, and thus able to cherry-pick platform – either stationed or mobile, to conduct research studies that best suits our client’s research needs.

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • IDiary
  • A combination of the above


We believe in a research solution that well-combines what shoppers DO and SAY. We transform the impulsive and rational aspects of a shopping journey learnings into insights.

At FRCSG. we help our clients to understand HOW their shoppers shop the target category products, and WHY did they shopped in the ways they did, in order to improve the touchpoints along the online shopping journey as well as to optimize brand and/or product presentations.

  • Online Shop-along


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Product Placement/In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT)
  • Retail/ In-Store/Selling-ceremonyEvaluation
  • Mystery Shopping